Travel Clinic and Immunization Services

Our travel health clinics provide advice, up-to-date information and robust vaccine programs in a convenient and professional environment

Free Prescription Delivery City Wide

Our prescription service is a very quick and easy way to get your regular medication delivered straight to your door.

Diabetes Education

come to our pharmacies and we’ll going to help you through the process and also with your proper dieting program

Flu Shots

Protect yourself and your loved ones from this year’s flu. We provide flu shots at our pharmacy, no appointment needed. Flu vaccines cause antibodies to develop in the body

Smoking Cessation Program

You'll also give a boost to your immune system, making it easier to fight off colds and flu. The increase in oxygen in the body can also reduce tiredness and the likelihood of headaches.

Chronic Disease Management Education

Need help with your medications? Overwhelmed with your health conditions? Your pharmacist will meet with you to review your medications, medical conditions, allergies and lifestyle to help you

Medication Management

Do you sometimes forget to take your medications? We can prepare your medications in a weekly blister pack. Available for delivery or pick up.

Food Sensitivity Testing Program

We offer to help you to differentiate food sensitivities from other types of adverse food reactions, provide an overview of common food sensitivity tests

Compression Stocking Fittings

Compression stockings are specially made, snug-fitting, stretchy socks that gently squeeze your leg. Graduated compression or pressure stockings are tighter around your ankle and get looser as they move up your

Proprietor Agent

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